Expomanagement 2016

Tom and Jose Salibi Neto, founder of the HSM Group, have been working together for almost 30 years. Tom tells us, "With no shadow of doubt, Salibi puts on the most extraordinary management events in the world—from São Paulo to Radio City Music Hall. From grand ambition to obsession with the tiniest detail, Salibi and HSM have no peers."

Expomanagement in São Paulo will have 3,000 attendees. Over a three-day period, they will listen to an extraordinary group of speakers—and have the opportunity to partake of literally hundreds of workshop-discussions.

Speakers beside Tom include the likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Oliver Stone.

Download the event slides here:

HSM, Expomanagement, 9 Nov 2016
HSM, Expomanagement, 9 Nov 2016, Long Version
HSM Tetra Pak, 8 Nov 2016

Jose Salibi Neto with Tom Peters


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Now, it's time for a change of pace. We want you to be able to easily access the wide variety of topics and formats in which you can find insights from Tom that change the way you work. Let us know what you think! Tweet Tom: @tom_peters. Or send an email: tom@tompeters.com.

You Take the Wheel …

discoWe can barely contain ourselves. The tompeters.com redesign is launching next week and we're excited to share it with you! 

Our goal is to put you in the driver's seat, so to speak. One of the new features will allow you to browse Tom's ideas by topic. So if you're a Brand You fanatic, all his best pieces on Brand You (videos, manifestos, articles, audio, etc.) will be instantly at your fingertips, hand-picked by the staff that know his work better than he does.

Hang in there ... we're just polishing things up. Putting the final shine on it, if you will. We'll hand you the keys next week!

Excellence. No Excuses!

What started when Tom copied a few Twitter conversations and made them into a PDF has turned into a magnum opus. Now 52 parts, his "Excellence. No Excuses!" has been posted here before with the title "Some Stuff." As he points out (p.20), "Most of our conscious life will be at work. Like it or not. Waste your work life and you have effectively wasted your life." Why not make that time at work and its product Excellent? Download the updated (02.25) PDF and choose a few of these 52 ways to make your work-life-output Excellent now.

Sharing Our Love

We're huge fans of Kevin Roberts' Lovemarks and Tim Sanders' Love Is the Killer App. In the same vein, we want to give a little love back to you. We'll let you in on our little (BIG) secret: we've overhauled the entire tompeters.com website. In three weeks, we'll be launching an completely new site.

Same Tom. Same game-changing ideas. Totally new ways to find the inspiration you crave.

Happy Valentine's Day!

NOT Enemies

I have recently written a 172-page manuscript, inspired by several tweetstreams. Not sure whether or not it was a single tweet or something else that got me going, but get me going it did!

I am, in short, appalled by most of the "change management" literature. In a word, it's 99% (or so it feels) negative.

"Overcoming resistance to change."
"Dealing with objections."
"Vanguishing foes."

In a word: RUBBISH!

The change process need not be negative. Indeed, when it is, it is rarely or ever successful.

The issue and opportunity, briefly addressed here, is the recruitment and nurturing of ... ALLIES.

My message:


#1: 1982
#1: 2014

An old topic from me. Yet always new. That is, ripe for improvement or at least monitoring. Namely "A Bias For Action." The #1 of eight "Basics of Excellence" from In Search of Excellence in 1982. And even more important today as the pace of change accelerates. This is less about "ideas to implement" than about a cultural trait that must be instilled and assiduously maintained.

PDF: New Action Summary

Some (MORE) (Very) (Important) Stuff

I have broken up my Golden Bay New Zealand
beach walks with more additions and edits to
"Some (Very) (Important) Stuff"—all in all about a 25% expansion. WHICH I HOPE YOU FIND OF USE! I have also added a second/alternative title page: "50 Ways (Inspired By Twitter) to Accelerate Your Journey Towards EXCELLENCE." Not sure which one we'll end up with.

Have at it!

Or, rather:


Hmmm. Maybe that oughta be the title?


Forbes.com was very nice to Bob Waterman and me. Their 27 January piece suggests that we anticipated (In Search of Excellence) most of what's going down even today. They're overly kind—but what the hell. Makes an insanely great morning in New Zealand even better.


By the time you read this I'll be winging my way to Kiwi-land. But, before I left, I made a last gasp to really (for now) revise like hell and tie down my "Some Stuff" piece. Ended up with 35 parts, 104 pages,12,629 words.

For the moment, I'm happy. To steal from my own title, I think it is ultra-wide-ranging (really) (important) "stuff." I think odds are pretty high you'll find ... SOMETHING ... to put to use.

At any rate, enjoy!



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