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Our blog has been the central focus of for 10 years. Coudal Partners helped us shift from a static site to a blog-powered site.

Now, it's time for a change of pace. We want you to be able to easily access the wide variety of topics and formats in which you can find insights from Tom that change the way you work. Let us know what you think! Tweet Tom: @tom_peters. Or send an email:

You Take the Wheel …

discoWe can barely contain ourselves. The redesign is launching next week and we're excited to share it with you! 

Our goal is to put you in the driver's seat, so to speak. One of the new features will allow you to browse Tom's ideas by topic. So if you're a Brand You fanatic, all his best pieces on Brand You (videos, manifestos, articles, audio, etc.) will be instantly at your fingertips, hand-picked by the staff that know his work better than he does.

Hang in there ... we're just polishing things up. Putting the final shine on it, if you will. We'll hand you the keys next week!

Sharing Our Love

We're huge fans of Kevin Roberts' Lovemarks and Tim Sanders' Love Is the Killer App. In the same vein, we want to give a little love back to you. We'll let you in on our little (BIG) secret: we've overhauled the entire website. In three weeks, we'll be launching an completely new site.

Same Tom. Same game-changing ideas. Totally new ways to find the inspiration you crave.

Happy Valentine's Day!

New Weekly Quote Design

For those who are subscribed to receive a weekly quote from Tom in their inbox, we're excited to announce that a new design will launch on Monday, the 19th. We think you'll enjoy the new look, as it has a much stronger focus on why you subscribed: the content. We'd love to hear what you think; email us at And if you haven't signed up yet to have Tom's words start your week with a bang, now's the time: Subscribe!

People First

Tom's new eBook, People First!, is at the iTunes store now. The subject is Talent. It's all about treating your employees like customers. Good for them, good for your bottom line.

Banner Note

You may have noticed we changed the banner here at today. We've brought back the New Zealand-themed banner that Joy Stauber at Stauber Design created for us. Tom has headed back to one of his favorite places, the coast of Golden Bay on South Island, New Zealand. While he's there, we'll celebrate a little New Zealand with him at the site.

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays

From all of us working with Tom to you and your families, have a very peaceful holiday season.

In Search of Excellence eBook

It's with the greatest pleasure that we announce the publication of Tom's In Search of Excellence in eBook format. Thirty years after the original burst onto the scene, there's new technology—almost a new world—where books are concerned. Will kids born today have the bookcases full of hardcovers and paperbacks occupying so much space in their parents homes? Not likely. Tom's groundbreaking work is ready for the transition. It's available now for eBook readers; we hope a new generation of readers discovers In Search of Excellence and embraces it as did the last generation. The companies named in the book may not have survived into the present (though some notable "excellent" companies thrive), but that's not the point. Its lessons, such as "A Bias for Action" and "Close to the Customer," are as relevant now as the day it was written. Maybe more so.

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us to all of you, if you are celebrating the American Thanksgiving, have a lovely holiday!

In Russia, a Public Event

On 17 November 2012, Tom will be appearing at the World Trade Center in Moscow. We're glad to announce this opportunity for the public in Russia to see Tom. To get further details, in Russian, about the seminar, you can visit the event page here.