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Twitter Collection

Beginning on November 21 and into December 2013, Tom used his Twitter feed to post several long series of tweets, many of which were re-tweeted extensively. He collected the lists he'd created and assembled a collection that covers these topics: change agents and how to effect change, doing good work, starting the work week with MBWA, ending the work week with "Thank yous," the importance of training/development, one page on Leadership 2014, the impact of Social Media, and the importance of 1st-line managers. [14 Jan: Now 35 parts!] It's presented here in PDF form for your convenience. Please download it, share it, use it!

Recent "Hot" Reading

Tom's been reading up a storm in the last few months. Following an old habit, he transforms some of the most telling material to slides for subsequent use in his presentations. You'll find here some of his favorite quotes—as always, all yours, and please use!

Download the PPT: "Hot" Books/Recent Reading

Piggy Sue!

The two great folks who are doing sustainable farming at our place have become parents. Well, not really. But their productive porker mom, Piggy Sue, just produced (about 72 hours ago) a litter of 15. Some of the newcomers below ...


Sunrise, NZ

Sunrise, NZ

Tom is now stateside, but caught his last sunrise in New Zealand earlier this week and he wanted to share the moment with all of us.

Excellent Street


Tom's in New Zealand escaping the New England winter. He found Excellent Street near Collingwood on South Island. Consider this his postcard to all his readers. Also, you might want to scan through his photos on Flickr—there are some other beauties.

Future Shape Survey 2012
Volunteers Wanted

When we surveyed business leaders and consultants from the Tom Peters network in 2010 using our Excellence Audit instrument, we wanted to get a sense of what people saw ahead for their organization and their work, and what changes they thought were most needed. There had already been two years of economic recession in many parts of the world at that time, and we wondered how this context was affecting peoples' perspectives on the world of work.

We found there was a strong opinion that looking back over their shoulders was the very opposite of what leaders should be doing at that time! Here's one typical comment from a U.S.-based Manufacturing Manager: "The biggest challenge we face is establishing a new benchmark for our efforts. It is important that we don't let the current malaise dictate our outlook."

We are repeating the survey again this year looking out for how leaders' attitudes may have shifted further. Can you help us, please?

The Excellence Audit takes around 30-45 minutes to complete thoughtfully and we are leaving our 2012 survey open for participants until 9th September. You can access it yourself by following this link.


Off the Cuff #4

Our Off the Cuff video series is a direct response from Tom to your questions. This is the fourth video in the series, which poses a question from Keith Clark, "Where do you find your inspiration on your most difficult days?"


A few short pieces (Word or PowerPoint) published during 2011 may be worthy of your attention—so we're re-sending. Enjoy!


2 Things
3 Things
Excellence 25
Excellence Is the Next 5 Minutes
Ready. Fire! Aim.
What You Do


The Five Most Important Words
Adaptive Organizations
The Have You 50
Memories That Matter
REALLY First Things
The Recession 46

Merry Christmas!


Tom and everyone at wish you a Merry Christmas.

Final: The Little BIG Things Read by Tom

When Tom was reading The Little BIG Things for the audio edition, we got copied on the files, and we've posted them here at a section at a time. The book is now complete. You can listen to The Little BIG Things in its entirety on our book page, or sample the last section below.

The final audio excerpts, posted 19 December, bring the book to a close with the section titled "BIG":

161. Retirement Sucks.

162. Think Legacy!

163. Don't Forget Why You're Here!