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Expomanagement 2016

Tom and Jose Salibi Neto, founder of the HSM Group, have been working together for almost 30 years. Tom tells us, "With no shadow of doubt, Salibi puts on the most extraordinary management events in the world—from São Paulo to Radio City Music Hall. From grand ambition to obsession with the tiniest detail, Salibi and HSM have no peers."

Expomanagement in São Paulo will have 3,000 attendees. Over a three-day period, they will listen to an extraordinary group of speakers—and have the opportunity to partake of literally hundreds of workshop-discussions.

Speakers beside Tom include the likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Oliver Stone.

Download the event slides here:

HSM, Expomanagement, 9 Nov 2016
HSM, Expomanagement, 9 Nov 2016, Long Version
HSM Tetra Pak, 8 Nov 2016

Jose Salibi Neto with Tom Peters


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Excellence. No Excuses!

What started when Tom copied a few Twitter conversations and made them into a PDF has turned into a magnum opus. Now 52 parts, his "Excellence. No Excuses!" has been posted here before with the title "Some Stuff." As he points out (p.20), "Most of our conscious life will be at work. Like it or not. Waste your work life and you have effectively wasted your life." Why not make that time at work and its product Excellent? Download the updated (02.25) PDF and choose a few of these 52 ways to make your work-life-output Excellent now.

Radical Personal Development

I launched the new year at 9AM 1/1/14 with a tweetstream on personal development:

Accelerating tech changes/etc. = Middle class in tank. ONLY answer: Determined/intensive commitment to personal growth. Start date: 1/1/14.

Public policy largely irrelevant. Revolutionary econ structural change here to stay. Only defense is personal development. NOW! [Remember, all these were posted 1/1/2014.]

You totally misunderstand overall econ context if you choose not to start today on RPD/Radical Personal Development.

If Reps & Dems all geniuses & worked together, econ tsunami would still thunder in. Answer is RPD/Radical Personal Development. PERIOD.

Remember: Excellent "Brand You" portfolio is about self-LESS-ness, not self-ISH-ness. You are as good as the network you develop-nurture. PERIOD.

Beating econ revolution: Invest in your network (share). Hit the books (study). Work your ass off. WOW-ify every project. Start: TODAY.

I like RPD. Just bought

Radical Personal Development. Start date: TODAY. Tomorrow: TOO LATE. Do ... SOMETHING. NOW.

RPD/Today: Download an interesting book. Schedule a lunch with someone interesting ... THIS WEEK. Concoct a next step to WOW-ify a current project.

RPD/Today: Check out MOOCs. Work with a pal on a reading list for the next 6 months. Call a good professional pal: Noodle on creating an RPD Club.

Boss: Your job is safer if every one of your team members is committed to RPD/Radical Personal Development. Actively support them!

Bosses supporting RPD/Radical Personal Development: Read Matthew Kelly's The Dream Manager.

Bosses/In the next two weeks: Plan a sit-down meeting with each of your team members concerning her/his RPD/Radical Personal Development aspirations.

Tom's Training/Development Obsession

Tom is on a tear, more determined than ever that CEOs (and other bosses at all levels) finally "Put People First"—as their mission statements say, but which is contradicted by their actions. As tech change accelerates, this becomes more important with each passing day.

In his Milan event, Tom passed out one item to the several thousand attendees. Something that he called his "#1 Belief." To wit:

Your principal moral obligation as a leader is to develop the skillset, "soft" and "hard," of every one of the people in your charge (temporary as well as semi-permanent) to the maximum extent of your abilities. The good news: This is also the #1 mid- to long-term ... profit maximization strategy!

Related to the statement-of-principle above, on Sunday he fired off a series of tweets on training. Herewith:

Is your CTO/Chief Training Officer your top paid "C-level" job (other than CEO/COO)? If not, why not?

Are your top trainers paid as much as your top marketers? If not, why not?

Are your training courses all so good they make you giggle? If not, why not?

Randomly stop an employee in the hall: Can she/he describe their development plan for the next 12 months? If not, why not?

Sunday/NFL game day: "Players are our most important asset." "No shit, Sherlock." Football is a competitive BUSINESS. (If them, why not you?)

Study/inhale Matthew Kelly's book The Dream Manager. It's fictional. But it's not. Down to the penny about a real company—I met the CEO.

Check out a Marine E-6 (senior sergeant): Ask him/her about training and development objectives, and intensity of approach thereto ...

You want to understand training in a super high-tech business? Talk to the commanding officer (effectively CTO) of a "boomer"/U.S. Navy nuclear submarine patrolling the sea with nuclear-armed missiles on board.


How Could It Have Slipped My Mind?

If you attend one and only one professional conference this year, make it The North American Conference on Customer Management, 7-9 November in Orlando. (Not a self-serving plea; I'm not speaking, though I have in the past.) The Speaker line-up is to die for—deep and long. Even the optional activities are great—such as an evening with Cirque du Soleil.

This Blog was born when I received a brochure for the event. And, actually, I haven't really gotten to the point of the Blog. Namely, the brochure's 60-point type pull quote, from participant Jack Welch, he of GE fame. To wit: "HIERARCHY IS AN ORGANIZATION WITH ITS FACE TOWARDS THE CEO AND ITS ASS TOWARDS THE CUSTOMER."

Who'd want to miss the likes of that?
More info: